Aspen Path

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Fallen Leaf Lake is a large lake just southwest of Lake Tahoe. There is a large National Forest Campground there that is lovely, especially given how close it is to the urbanization of South Lake Tahoe. A short trail leads one from the campground to the lake, where one is quickly lost amidst lush solitude. At least, I found solitude there at the end of September, considered to be late for the camping season. One trail wound into this stand of aspens, just barely tinged with changing fall color. It was twilight when I took this and the exposure was several seconds. A long exposure is not a problem when the camera is on a tripod, as it usually is for my photography ... the enemy is not low light, the true enemy is wind which can blur the subject during the exposure. Luckily the air was perfectly still in this idyllic setting.

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