Formation on Clouds Rest

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One of my favorite three-day backpacking trips in Yosemite is to depart from Tenaya Lake, camp on the shoulder of the mountain called Clouds Rest, proceed to camp near Half Dome, then summit Half Dome via the cable route and exit to Yosemite Valley on the third day. Approaching the summit of Clouds Rest by the standard trail, you will pass by this rock formation. At the time I took the photo I was simply intrigued by the pattern of the rocks. It was only later in the darkroom that my vision evolved to the dramatic and ambiguous scene here, with the sky printed very dark to contrast against the rock striations. The power of black and white lies in large part with one's ability to depart from strict reality without looking unreal. This gives the artist creative control to make the scene match what one felt or what one wants to say, while keeping the core of the reality of the scene intact.

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