Lembert Dome Twilight

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I pulled into the Tuolumne Meadows Campground in Yosemite's high country late in the afternoon. I made camp and then had time for one quick hike before dark. I chose to hike up Lembert Dome, the dominant feature at the eastern end of the Meadows even though it's under 900' tall. A pleasant one hour hike got me up to the summit in plenty of time for sunset. As sundown approached a few other people with better timing than I joined me atop the Dome. We enjoyed the moment of sunset together and then they took off back to the Meadows floor in the fading light. I remained as I usually do, hoping for interesting lighting effects after the sun has gone down. I wasn't disappointed -- there were magnificent happenings in the sky, but the wind was whipping in gusts that I was certain were trashing my second-long exposures. It was only after seeing the processed slides that I discovered to my delight that many images were sharp after all, this one included. What I had thought at the time to be a wasted warmup for my time in Yosemite turned out to give me some of my best images. Photography is always surprising me; may it continue to do so!

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