Maples in the Michigan North Woods

(order ID # CT35-00710)

New England gets the press for fall foliage, and with good reason, but I prefer the north woods of Michigan. I don't know if the colors are any better, but they certainly are no worse....and the crowds are utterly absent. The farther north you go, the quieter it gets. The entire population of Keweenaw County -- the outermost third of the Keweenaw Peninsula projecting northeast out of Michigan's Upper Peninsula -- is 2,000 people. On most paved roads you can safely pull over to park to set up your tripod -- cars zooming by are rare. And on the dirt logging roads....well, take your time! It was on one such logging road that I found this arrangement, and I was grateful for the ease with which I could move around to fine-tune the composition.

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