Oconaluftee River,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

(order ID # BW45-00004)

Although beautiful spring had arrived, the crowds in this most-visited National Park were not horrendous. Smokemont Campground, where I was staying, was peaceful and not close to full. I had returned to my campsite, thinking I was done shooting for the day, and decided to just walk around a bit to enjoy nature's calm. I moseyed down to the River's edge, stood for a while staring, then fetched my 4x5 large format camera to make an image of the scene. To get the depth of field that renders the foreground grasses as sharp as the background trees I had to stop down to my minimum aperture of f/45. The low light of early twilight forced me into an exposure of two seconds or so. The long exposure gives the milky look to the running water as the individual splashes blur together. I was fortunate that there wasn't a puff of wind, otherwise that foreground plant on the long stalk wouldn't have the tack-sharpness that it has in this print.

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