Portage Lake Dawn, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

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The Keweenaw Peninsula sticks north and east into Lake Superior out of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. If you think of the outline of Lake Superior as the face of a wolf, the Keweenaw is the wolf's mouth. It is a land of dazzling beauty. It is almost as dazzling for its extreme winters and its sparse population: it is a nature photographer's heaven.

I was visiting my sister-in-law one February during an exceptionally cold period, cold even by the standards of the region. A typical high temperature during the day was -20 degrees Fahrenheit. I arose well before dawn to leave myself time to bundle up before venturing forth out of the cabin. I spent 20 minutes assembling my attire; I felt like an astronaut prepping for a space walk. But when I stepped out her front door I got about three paces before my courage faltered: I wasn't moving a step further from the warm shelter of the cabin. Luckily I didn't have to, for her cabin overlooked a lake with this scene presenting itself.

By the way, my camera's light meter never worked again after the extreme cold of this morning. After this shot I had to buy a new camera.

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