Silhouette on Mt. Whitney

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The summit of Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the continental United States at 14,495'. It also has a hiking trail to the top, which makes it a popular climb. Despite the lack of solitude it can be a wondrous spiritual place; on this trip one companion wrote poetry while struggling with a personal loss and I changed my appearance forever by growing a beard. The biggest problem for me was the altitude. We likely didn't acclimate enough before starting to climb, and by the time we reached Trail Camp at just over 12,000' the slightest turn of my head resulted in a raging headache and I was quite listless. Not much help to my campmates, I'm afraid. The next day, after summiting Whitney and returning to Trail Camp I felt much better. It was probably on that afternoon, while wandering through mazes of boulders in the vicinity of camp that I found this image. For the record, that is not Mt. Whitney in the daylit background; it is the boulder that is on the flank of mighty Whitney. I hope the strong graphic shapes evoke the majesty and power of the high mountains.

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