Sailboat, Lake Willoughby, Vermont

(order ID # CT35-01942)

I had scouted this location on a rainy day and resolved to return on a brighter one. I was especially interested in some boats at anchor near shore. On the morning of my return I was setting up the image I had visualized, carefully arranging a white sailboat as the centerpiece of my composition. Just as I was about to make the image, the boat's owner waded out and climbed aboard, ruining the shot I had in mind. I took a few record shots as he prepared his boat, and then turned my attention to the rest of the lake in an effort to salvage the situation. I lost track of the sailboat for a while, until I saw it making a run along the far shore. I quickly changed my lens to my 105 mm lens to bring the boat in -- but not too close, leaving it dwarfed by the cliffs above it. Now I had my shot. The lesson: keep an open mind and open heart to receive what is given you, rather than clinging to what you expect.

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