Giant Tulips

(order ID # CT35-02142-B)

For humorous effect I sometimes call this "The Attack of the Giant Killer Tulips." I was lying on the ground, sort of perched on my right shoulder and the crown of my head, shooting up through the tulips with a wide-angle (24 mm) lens. One effect of this lens is to exaggerate the size of foreground objects if you are close upon them, and I was probably no more than 12" away from the nearest flower. I was careful to place the sun behind the main tulip so that it wouldn't dazzle and command the scene. This also caused the tulips to explode with color from the bright backlight. The scene was bright enough that I could shoot at shutter speeds fast enough to hand hold the camera, a rarity for me as I usually use a tripod. Drivers passing by probably got a laugh from my contortions: I shot this on the median strip of a city street in Greenbelt, Maryland.

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