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Sierra Nevada Fall, 2002


I spent the first two weeks of October in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range, my favorite place on earth. Nowhere else do I find the combination of grandeur, privacy, and ruggedness that I find so uplifting. Nowhere else do I feel so alive, so totally myself. I hope I have successfully brought some of that life energy back to share with you in these photographs.



Mt. Whitney
Light Show

(55 kB)

Mt. Whitney Cottonwood

(65 kB)

Fall Color,
Illilouette Creek

(85 kB)

Illilouette Creek

(90 kB)

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Lone Pine Peak

(65 kB)

Meysan Lake Snow

(50 kB)

Mt. Clark

(30 kB)

Creek Dogwood

(85 kB)


Red Peak Pass Trail

(80 kB)

Mts. Banner & Ritter

(40 kB)

Yosemite Textures

(70 kB)

Clearing Storm

(70 kB)

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