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Tibet, June 2005

What with wrestling with roads that were barely rutted trails, endless dust, the high elevation, beggars, intrusive peddlers, lousy plumbing, and the other pains involved with traveling in a third world country, I can't say my three weeks in Tibet were fun. But my trip was definitely highly rewarding. I got to see the mountains and Buddhist culture that I'd been dreaming about visiting for years. And for every clinging beggar that I encountered, I met a friendly and helpful Tibetan. For every physical hardship, there was a spiritually uplifting experience. For every daunting hassle that made me want never to return, there was some great joy that made me vow to return. Not fun, no, but very fulfilling. I'd love to go back some day.

I spent much of my time in the environs of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The area contains many of the holiest places in the country. I made two major trips outside of Lhasa; one to Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Base Camp to the south, and the other to the great lake Nam-tso to the north. Tibet is a large country, so with the limited time I had in country I stuck to these travels in the south central region of Tibet. The eastern and western regions will have to wait for my return.

I hope you enjoy my photographs!

Prayer Flags at Tashi Dor

(45 kB)

Mt. Everest, Early Evening

(60 kB)

Rongbuk Monastery

(55 kB)

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Chanting Nuns

(45 kB)

Young Yak

(40 kB)

Riders at Nam-tso

(50 kB)

Sunset Pavilion

(25 kB)

Nam-tso at Sunset

(35 kB)

Mountains at Nam-tso

(35 kB)

Mountain Pass Prayer Flags

(45 kB)

Paint Pigments

(30 kB)

Prayer Wheel

(35 kB)

Monk's Robe

(65 kB)

Nunnery Window

(45 kB)

Debating Monk

(30 kB)

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