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Vermont and New York, Fall 2001


I spent some time in the fall of 2001 enjoying the fall colors in Vermont and upstate New York. Here are some of my best images from that trip.


Groundcover Maple

(70 kB)

Bowing Tree

(50 kB)

Lake Willoughby Sailboat

(75 kB)

Fallen Maple Leaf

(65 kB)

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Adirondacks Stream

(90 kB)

Ramshackle House

(70 kB)

Maple Leaf

(85 kB)

Brighton Birch

(75 kB)


Victory Road

(75 kB)

Willoughby Cliffs

(45 kB)

Porrell Road

(55 kB)

Maple on Branch

(65 kB)


Granby Graveyard

(70 kB)

Granby Road

(60 kB)

Moose River

(70 kB)

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