Evergreen and Maple Leaf

(order ID # CT35-01975-B)

It can happen that some of the best scenery is available over breakfast right in your own campsite. I took this image in the Brighton State Park in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom in the northeastern corner of the state. The advantages of shooting at one's campsite are many. It's early in the morning, so the light is likely to be soft; aided, in this case, by being in the middle of light-filtering woods. You can amble around and contemplate the possible images before, and even during, breakfast. Perhaps best of all, you can have a mug of hot coffee in your hand as you prepare the shot. At my site I was intrigued by the daily shower of brilliant maple leaves, and looked until I found this newcomer perched on an evergreen branch. I used a 200 mm lens to allow me to shoot from far away with a small angle of view, so I would include a minimum of distracting elements in the background. The utter lack of wind let me shoot with a long shutter speed, stopped way down for maximum depth of field.

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