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Glacier National Park, 2004

I spent three weeks in Glacier National Park in July. I concentrated on the Many Glacier area, the Two Medicine area, the Belly River area, and the territory along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, the solitary road through the Park. The snowpack was largely gone, but enough was left for snowmelt to feed countless streams, waterfalls, and cascades everywhere I went. Glacier National Park has it all: it's a land of mountains, lakes, streams, wildlife, woods, and wildflowers. I cherished my time there, and I hope you will enjoy these photographs that I made there.

Bighorn Sheep

(40 kB)

Chief Mountain

(30 kB)

Avalanche Creek

(70 kB)


(25 kB)

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Corn Lily

(55 kB)

Lake McDonald

(35 kB)


(70 kB)

Seeping Water

(60 kB)

Fish Lake Trail

(95 kB)

Mt. Wilbur Rainbow

(40 kB)

Butter and Eggs

(45 kB)

Iceberg Lake

(60 kB)

Sinopah Mt.

(45 kB)

Running Eagle Falls

(70 kB)

Aspen in Woods

(65 kB)


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