Aurora in Glacier National Park

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Magic was afoot in the wee hours of July 25th, 2004. I answered the call of nature at 3:00 in the morning, and felt strangely energized. I excitedly set about to take some star trail pictures over Cosley Lake where we were camped. At first I was disappointed by what appeared to be clouds moving in, obscuring the stars I was trying to photograph. I eventually realized that the flickering in the clouds was not reflections of lightning over the horizon after all, but rather a wonderful display of the Northern Lights, aurora borealis. I'd only seen the aurora once before, as a child in Iowa, and this display totally blew away my childhood memory. It was amazing. My wife and I watched, transfixed, as the shimmering, flickering clouds advanced and ebbed across the sky, returning to bed only when the best had clearly passed. I took some long untimed exposures to try to capture the event; this exposure is probably a couple of minutes long. The film recorded the true colors of the aurora, invisible to the naked eye since human vision is quite color-blind in dim light.

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