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Springtime in Washington, D.C., 2002


I spent the spring of 2002 shooting for a coffee table book, Springtime in Washington: Season of Glory. This book will cover spring in its entirety in Washington, D.C., and nearby spots in Maryland and Virginia -- blossoms, events, and people enjoying the season. It is a collaborative effort between myself and three other principal photographers and an author, and will come out in 2003. I covered sites in Maryland and Virginia just outside of Washington. Here is some of the beauty of the area that I found.

Postscript, 2006: Alas, the book never was completed. But I'm happy for all the wonderful images I found in the course of the project.


Coming next: California's Sierra Nevada in October.


Cascading Callas

(70 kB)

Dogwood Blossoms

(50 kB)

Indian Strawberry

(45 kB)

Sycamore Island

(70 kB)

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Giant Tulips

(55 kB)

Cynthia Tulips

(45 kB)


(75 kB)

Calla Lily

(30 kB)


Bleeding Hearts

(30 kB)


(70 kB)

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