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California, Fall 2004

I spent three weeks last fall shooting in and around California's Sierra Nevada and Trinity Alps mountain ranges. Fall is a great time to be in these places. Interesting weather is more likely than during the summer, the days are more temperate, and the trees start changing colors. I hope you enjoy these images I took while backpacking and car touring in the California mountains.

Olmsted Pt. Hiker

(45 kB)

Bristlecone Pines

(50 kB)

White Mountains Dawn

(20 kB)

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Jeffrey Pine,
Olmsted Point

(60 kB)

Clearing Storm,
Mt. Gibbs

(45 kB)

California Aspens

(50 kB)

Trinity Alps Waterfall

(60 kB)

Tenaya Lake

(40 kB)

Negit Island Moonrise, Mono Lake

(50 kB)

Star Trails,
Trinity Alps

(55 kB)

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