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We do photography because we love it, because it brings us joy, because it lets us express a personal vision to others that we couldn't express in any other way. We do it because of an irresistible drive to record and interpret people, events, places, and emotions that have deep meaning for us. We pursue photography to communicate and to express our passions.

All too often, though, when photographers get together they wind up talking about f-stops and shutter speeds, film choices and printing options. We tend to ask how you took a picture rather than why you took it.

It's true that sound technique is essential to expressing your passion. The more knowledge and skills you have, the better you will be able to bring forth what is in your mind's eye and in your heart. Sloppy technique usually leads to inexpressive photographs, no matter how brilliant the concept. I hope my Photo Tips are a valuable resource for learning good technique, and that if you master all the advice I share you will be a much better photographer.

So by all means, master the technical stuff. Yes, it takes study and practice, but it is worth it. Yet while you are studying and practicing, don't lose sight of the fact that the tools you learn are simply the means to an end, not the end in itself. Never lose sight of the reason you pursued photography in the first place, never focus on technique so much that you lose the joy. Always keep alive the spirit of wonder and the exploration of your personal vision that at root is what makes photography so rewarding.


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