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My dear friend Melody Lacina is a poet of extraordinary power and passion. Upon the occasion of my receiving my Ph.D. she gave me the gift of a poem. I share it with you here. For me it carries rich layers of meaning, many levels of understanding commingling in her wonderful voice. It speaks of growth, of love, and of life. When I decided to become a professional photographer, my business name was self-evident.




At twenty you swore to be a genius
Or burned out,
None of us knew which.
You declared indifference,
Back home small and
Idle with heat.
Those months
You drank kegs, sweated basketball,
Hoarded rough dark stones: father dying
Too soon too slow,
Mother a brittle bone
In your throat.
Somehow you made it.
Years later you wrote me,
Summer again,
And exalted daylight savings time.
"I don't mind winter cold, but I can't bear
How fast the sun drops
Behind our neighbor's house."
Tim, these days
Grow longer.
Evenings I sit out front
And shade my eyes, watching you
Leaning toward light.

-- Melody Lacina


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