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  • Here is what some clients have to say about my location photography:

Tim Edberg has a wonderful ability to capture the ethereal qualities of light in the landscape.

Sharon Bradley-Papp,
Bradley-Papp Landscape Architecture

Tim Edberg has been an outstanding asset to our marketing efforts....Tim is an outstanding photographer in both quality and professionalism. Our landscaping work is very time sensitive and Tim is able to coordinate his schedule with ours to produce the best results possible.

John Shorb,
John Shorb Landscaping


California Room

Southwest Room

Midwest Room

East Coast Room

My Latest Trip

Black & White Room

Quality Photography: Your Advantage

Your work is beautiful yet ephemeral. It changes with the seasons and the years. You need to capture it photographically to show others what you've done, and the photography must be excellent to set you apart from your competitors.

Striking photography enhances portfolio presentations, proposals, and bids. You'll also need photos for your promotional materials and web site.

Great photographs will make potential clients take notice of how well you do your job. Wow them with your work.

Top rank photography is an investment in your business. Enhance the presentation of your work while leaving the logistical worries to me.



Color prints for portfolios and office decorations; slides for publication, competitions, and slide shows; black & white for a special mood.

I use conventional 35 mm as well as large format cameras. A print from a 4" x 5" large format negative offers unmatched quality and startling clarity in large portfolio presentations.

I can often respond with little notice, so that I can capture fleeting moments in your project.,

My Edge

My fine-art images have won numerous awards. This artistic vision makes your creations stand out.

I always deliver. Backed by a Ph.D. in physics, I produce photography of the highest technical quality.

From broad overviews to detailed closeups and specialty shots, I work in partnership with you to get exactly the images you need.



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