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Benefit from entertaining and informative instruction on scenic nature photography! I will be running three all-day seminars and one hands-on shooting workshop in 2005. Each Seminar runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday, and the Workshop is a three-session class that features supervised hands-on shooting. The instruction starts with basics and moves fast, so photographers of all skill levels will benefit.


"Tim is a wonderful teacher. I am new to photography and I find him clear as a bell in demystifying some very complex issues."

-- Dr. Richard Lasky



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Join me and you will:

  • Be inspired and emotionally recharged.
  • Have difficult concepts demystified.
  • Elevate your photos from snapshots to an expressive personal vision.
  • Learn to get the most from the gear you have.
  • Know what to look for in new equipment.
  • Receive detailed notes, resource lists, and door prizes.

Digital and film shooters are equally welcome!


Please e-mail me or telephone me at (301) 809-5857 (1-877-471-6414 toll-free) if you have questions.


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The Seminar

The Seminar is an eight-hour presentation featuring demonstrations, show-and-tell, slide shows, and Q&A. The event covers the aesthetic tools and technical nuts and bolts necessary to elevate your photography to the realm of visually stunning personal expression. We start with the basics of camera choice and exposure and proceed through composition, how to seek and modify the best of natural light, filters, field techniques, close-ups, and how to print and frame your photographs. (See the Seminar outline here.)

Every Seminar attendee will receive a detailed list of equipment suppliers and other resources, a complete set of Seminar notes, and a chance to win door prizes. Coffee will be provided.

The Seminars may be paid for with personal check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The fee is $90, or $80 with early registration. The first 20 to sign up will receive a free roll of Fujichrome Velvia 100 slide film.

Seminar dates:

April 9, 2005

Iowa City, IA

$90 ($80 before March 18)

May 14, 2005

College Park, MD

$90 ($80 before April 15)

September 17, 2005

McLean, VA

$90 ($80 before August 19)

The Seminar will cover:

See the Seminar outline here.


The Workshop

The Workshop is a three-meeting package. The heart of the Workshop is the Shoot, a hands-on afternoon of photographing at the Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA. I will be close at hand to offer advice and answer questions. Prior to this shooting session will be the Tutorial, an abbreviated version of the Seminar, to teach and refresh the basics. There will be plenty of time between the Tutorial and the Shoot to practice techniques or buy film or gear. Finally, after time to process the photographs, there will be the Critique, a session where everyone gets a chance to benefit from my comments on the photos they took. The Tutorial and Critique will also be held in the Long Branch Nature Center. To ensure personalized attention, attendance in the Workshop will be limited to 15 participants. (See the Workshop outline here.)

Every Workshop attendee will receive a detailed list of equipment suppliers and other resources, a complete set of Workshop notes, a free roll of Fujichrome Velvia 100 slide film, and a chance to win door prizes.

The Workshop may be paid for with personal check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. The fee is $195, or $175 for early registration.


Workshop dates:

Thursday, July 14, 2005 (7-10 p.m.)

Shoot: Sunday, July 24, 2005 (2-6 p.m.)

(Rain date: Sunday, July 31, 2005)

Critique: Thursday, August 11, 2005 (7-10 p.m.)


The Workshop will include:

See the Workshop outline here.


The Edberg edge

I travel all over the nation to pursue my nature photography. My fine-art prints are in private, corporate, and university collections across the nation and on three continents. My publication list includes Outdoor Photographer, PHOTOgraphic, Iowa Natural Heritage, Groundwork, Shutterbug, ASMP Journal, Washington Post Magazine, and several books. My passion for teaching, for photography, and for the natural world, combined with my mastery of technique and an accessible style, make these sessions not to be missed.


What students have said:

"Tim is an excellent instructor who delivers his course material with excitement. He has a great love for the subject and he passes his emotion on to the students."

-- Gino Crump

"Tim knows his business and has the ability to make his students understand it."

-- Curtis L. Wagner, Jr.

"I hope I have instructors as good as Tim as I continue with photography."

-- Jeffrey Jenkins

"Tim is a passionate artist and is a joy to learn from."

-- Judy Bell


Fine print

Detailed maps and instructions to the events will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment. Make checks payable to Leaning Toward Light Photography. Credit card numbers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) can be mailed or phoned in. Cancellations more than two weeks ahead of the event will have 75% of the fee refunded. Cancellations within two weeks of the event will have 50% of the fee refunded, but cancellations within 48 hours of the event will not be refunded. In the unlikely event that both shooting days are rained out, the Tutorial and Critique will proceed as planned and 65% of your fee will be refunded. You are welcome to bring tape recorders to the events.


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